ISO certification in Oman is one of the important decisions an organization can take

. There are 22000 plus of standard published by ISO. ISO 14001 is also an International standard which helps to specify the requirements of environmental management system that helps the organization to minimize their operations which are affecting the environment. The environmental management system is also considered to be a generic standard and one of the most popular standards among the International standard, because it can be applied to all the organization irrespective of size or type and their scope. The organizations which are looking for the safety aspects can go for environmental management system. ISO 14001 certification in oman  can be considered as an integral part of a European Union Eco management and Audit scheme. Where did structure and the materials of EMAS are more demanding and the concerns on the improvement performance, reporting duties, legal compliances which are related to the organization. And the current version of the environmental management system was updated in the year 2015.

 Now let us go briefly into environmental management system.

 ISO 14001 is one of them standards which specify the criteria for environmental management system where it does not define the requirements of environmental performances but it sets out the Framework for the organization so that the organization can set up an effective environmental management system. As discussed earlier the environmental management system can be applied to any organization which wants to improve their efficiency, reduce waste and cost. If you are certified by the environmental management system you can provide an insurance to the management and employees and as well as to the external parties that the mental efforts are being improved and measured. One of the Beautiful factors of the ISO 14001 standard is, it can be integrated with the other management systems as well and it can be added advantages to the organization in meeting the environmental and other economic goals or objectives.

ISO 14001 is a standard which is a kind of a voluntary; its main aim is to help the companies to have a continual improvement in their performance and to comply with all the other legal requirements. Every organization has its own objectives and targets and ISO 14001 plays a vital role in highlighting the things or the requirements what are needed to meet those goals and it will help to monitor and measure the situations. And one best factor of environmental management system standard is it does not focus on the objectives or goals of the environmental system but it focuses on the organization.

Any Organization which wants to improve their management sources and the performance of the environment can opt for ISO 14001 standard and this includes

  • Multinational companies to single site Companies
  • Low risk service organizations to high risk organizations
  • The manufacturing industries which are process or service based which includes the government factors as well.
  • The industry sectors such as a private and public.
  • Original manufacturers of equipment and their suppliers.


 International standards are revised at least 5 years of gap to make sure that they are meeting the present market requirements. The present version of the environmental management system is it 2015 which consists of the requirements that are reviewed and revised by the technical committee of ISO. And the version also introduced a new structure called as a high level structure is common in most of the management system order to make the process more effective so that risk can be identified easily.

 Continual improvement process in environmental management system - ISO 14001 in oman 

 ISO 14001 standards provoke the organization to have a continuous improvement in their performances reducing the possible and actual impacts related to environment and this can be achieved in three ways:

 Expansion -All the areas in the business can be covered by implementing environmental management system.

 Enrichment- implementing environmental management system the products, activities, emissions, resources, process can be managed easily.

 Upgrading - the factors related to environmental issues can be improved by adopting the knowledge of environmental management system so that even their structure and the framework of the organisation can also be enhanced.

 So implementing ISO 14001 standards is a kind of strategic approach to achieve the objectives and goals related to the performance of environment.

 ISO 14001 in supply chains

 in case of any supply chain manager and there are many reasons so that ISO 14001 is potentially attractive which includes a independent or individual standard which helps to develop the integrated systems the requirements for the members of supply chain in the organizations such as Aerospace and automotive, and other pollution prevention And other pollution prevention potentials which are leading to the cost reduction of the production and bringing higher profits. ISO Certification in Oman  registered organisations get a very good response from their customers. There are many positive effects which might include more proactive environmental management system, higher level of waste production, cost reduction, relationship management with customers suppliers and issues with the employees or staff members health in the organization, reducing enormous accidents and safety incidents so finally we can conclude that implementing ISO 14001 your organization can be one of the best key factor to have a competitive advantage.





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we Can say,  in order to improve the efficiency  and performances of the environmental activities in the organization the better option is to choose the environmental management system which manages all the risk and activities related to the environment and provide the one best solution to overcome the issues the organizations are facing. Organizations certified by 14001 standard changes the range of your organization and the popularity of your organization would increase immediately and more number of customers would trust your products and services and come to do more business with you.